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Thursday, April 17, 2008

SOS Wild and Crazy Taco Night 2008

Here's a slideshow of the 15th Annual Wild and Crazy Taco Night charity fundraiser that I just got back from:

Selections included exotic tacos such as: Apple & Spice-braised Pork Belly w/ Pickled Red Cabbage, a Zucchini Blossom Relleno Taco stuffed with ricotta and Jack cheese served over oyster mushroom and red radish salsa, a Beef Tataki taco served in a sliced lobok root shell, an Oyster Taco served in its own shell with golden gazpacho, chile lime jelly, caviar and micro cilantro, and a S'mores Taco for dessert.

I also had an interesting discussion with chef Stephane Beaucamp about why Kantina closed down.

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joy said...

Looks like a great night again - I'm so sorry I missed it! But it couldn't be helped: I was in New Orleans that week.

It looks like you got there early, to get pictures of the tables without horrible crowds in front of them. Does this mean that you (gasp) actually managed to get the dessert taco in time?!?

ChristianZ said...

Well, I did get there a little early and ran around taking pictures then went right to where they normally have the dessert tacos and they didn't have any there. I kept looking for them while eating the "normal" tacos and then finally found where they were serving the S'mores tacos. It was at a booth I had already been to but they weren't serving them the first time I had been there.