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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Menudo Sign at El Buen Sabor

I don't eat menudo all that much and will freely admit that I like pozole better (what a revelation) but people want to know where menudo can be found within the confines of Orange County's borders. So I present to you the information I have now. I will add more info as I get it and if anyone has any I don't have please leave a comment. I don't remember the prices for every location but usually it runs from $4 - 7. Also, most places only have menudo on Saturday and Sunday (unless otherwise noted here).

Menudo at Bahia in Orange

Taqueria Mini Mex

Gammy's Cafe - comes with cow foot; small bowl $5; large bowl $7; sabado y domingo

Taqueria el Granjenal; small bowl $4.79; large bowl $6.69


Las Brisas de Apatzingan

Las Fajitas (yes, menudo can be found in Irvine)

Taqueria Don Victor

Carnitas los Reyes

El Farolito's Menudo
El Farolito's Menudo

El Farolito & El Farolito Jr. $5 bowl


George's Mexican Food

Trejo's $7.99; sabado y domingo

Pedro's Tacos SJC

El Portal de Veracruz

Tacos Jerez

El Rincon Chilango Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Taco Grill (Westminster)

Los Primos

Tacos y Tacos (also known as Tacolandia) (menudo and pozole served every day here)

Taqueria Tapatia

Alebrije's #2

Sarinana's Market

Taqueria Zamora Every Day

El Taco Vaquero

Costa Marinera

Tacos El Rancho

Gloria's Mexican Food

El Toro Bravo sabado y domingo

Jugos Acapulco

Linda's Mexican Restaurant

Jerry's Grille sabado y domingo

Tacos Tijuana sabado y domingo

Northgate Gonzales Market

Rubalcava's in Placentia (Saturday and Sunday, I think)

Super Turtle Tortas (Saturday and Sunday)

La Choza (Saturday and Sunday)

Ricardo's Place in San Juan Capistrano

Belinda's in Buena Park (Saturday and Sunday)

Lindo Michoacan #2 in Anaheim (7 days a week)

Carlitos's Diner in Huntington Beach (menudo and pozole served every day)

Taqueria la Vida in Santa Ana

Don Jacinto Pollo Grill in Santa Ana (every day)

Hank's Mexican Food (Saturday and Sunday)

Taco Maria has menudo on occasion

Dos Toros (downtown Huntington Beach) also has menudo from time to time

La Perla Tapatia (La Habra)

Little Caboose Taco Shop

Ricardo's Place in San Juan Capistrano (I think every day)

Gloria's Mexican Kitchen in Costa Mesa (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

La Rana in Aliso Viejo (I think every day)

Taco Boy in Anaheim (Saturday and Sunday)

Señor Taco in Cypress (Saturday and Sunday)

Carlos Mexican Restaurant in Dana Point (every day)

Brito's Taqueria in Anaheim and Santa Ana

Who Song & Larry's in Anaheim/Orange (Saturday and Sunday)

Mariscos Puerto Marquez in Fountain Valley (Saturday and Sunday)


Menudo on Foodista


Diamond Dog said...

Can anyone comment on some good Menudo and why they feel their place makes the best? Need more than a bunch of links.

I like the Menudo with Pazole in it personally. I don't think there is a problem finding Menudo places in Orange County. All of S. Cal is turning into Mexico so finding Menudo is not a problem. Finding good Menudo from a restaurant (as when Mexicans make it at home, its usually always spectacular) is the problem.

ChristianZ said...

If you like menudo with a whole cow foot stuck in the bowl go to Gammy's. If you like menudo with the whole spinal cord of a cow in the bowl go to Bahia. I think most menudo has the hominy in it but I'm not an expert.

Anonymous said...

To find the best possible menudo eatery you must be patient and willing to experiment when the need arises.

You have to be willing to wake up early on a Sunday, forget grabbing a bowl after 11:00 a.m., that is the bottom of the pot. Some places will start out with a friday night/early Sat morning batch and make it stretch into Sunday.

Scope out the parking lot.

Look for the one with no spots open, the guy coming out with the pot in his hands-covered with an aluminum foil- some placfes will let you bring your own pot in-for take out.)

There is red and white menudo, with or without the hominy.

ChristianZ said...

Sounds like you know your stuff. Do you have a favorite place to get menudo?

Melbourne Hotels said...

Menudo is such a very delicious recipe. It's better if you marinate the pork with soy sauce and calamnsi juice for one hour before sauteing

Anonymous said...


I have no favorite places, I live in the San Fernando Valley and there are TONS of places to get menudo!

The only problem is that they don't have a 'set/uniform' recipe. You may get a great bowl at one place, go back and it's whole different taste.

It is a laborious (long) process to make it and I try to see WHO is cooking it. You may see someone in the kitchen for a while and one day you pop in and see someone else that has another recipe.

As I grew up? Pozole and Menudo were two different "animals".

Maiz (my-Eez) is the hominy/corn put into either dish.

Pozole is usually made with beef spine, espinazo, while menudo is made from tripe and the foot of the beast.

The garnishes for pozole are shredded cabbage, radishes, cilantro, diced onions and a squeeze of lemon/lime Menudo?
Diced onion, cilantro and the lemon/lime squeeze.

Every areas has their different twists on the dish...hope this helps ya out!

ChristianZ said...

Thanks for the info. You really know your Mexican soups.

Cheap Flights said...

We also have Menudo here in the Philippines, you should try it as well in order for you to check w/c is better