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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nancy Puebla - Review #2

Date of Visit: July 20, 2006

1221 E 1st St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701

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Appetizer: Chips, Beans and Mole
Entree: Gordonices con Salsa Verde
Drink: Cantaloupe aguas frescas

Nancy Puebla's Restaurant Exterior
The view from outside

The Real OC

The last time I went to Nancy Puebla's I met up with Omar from SqueezeOC. This time I met up with him again plus Gustavo Arellano from the OC Weekly. I suppose any future visits will have to be us three plus people from the Register, then Orange Coast magazine, OC Metro, cast and crew from The OC, cast and crew from The Real OC, the brand new OC Post, and maybe some other Orange County-based bloggers, etc. And Mark Maguire can come too if he wants.

Omar has already done quite the writeup of our lunch at his OC in the OC blog. We found out that this particular restaurant has outlasted prior restaurants in the same spot by far. The fact that they make their own cheese might help. Make sure you brush up on your "restaurant Spanish" before you go.

Nancy Puebla's Restaurant
The owner, Severiano, holding a picture from a Latino Health Access event at which he provided the aguas frescas.


What kind of blogger (coughcoughhackhack . . . I hate that term) would I be without mentioning YouTube at some point in time? Gustavo can be seen here in a hilarious segment on Stephen Colbert's The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

Nancy Puebla's Restaurant
Garlic Shrimp

Nancy Puebla's Restaurant
Gordonices (Cornish game hen)

Since I had the quail (guilotas) last time I tried the Cornish game hen this time, on Gustavo's recommendation. Good stuff; smoky flavored and drowning in salsa verde, crunchy in just the right spots and tender in the rest. I had a cantaloupe aguas frescas this time but hope to make it back and try their strawberry/watermelon aguas frescas sometime. Then kiwi.

Nancy Puebla's Restaurant
L to R: Omar, Gustavo, and Christian

It got three and a half last time and now I'm upgrading Nancy Puebla to a four Speedy Gonzales rating:

Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales

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El Serracho! said...

so i'm sittin in nancy puebla and i want a beer. so i ask for one. the guy says to me.. "no, no beer." i must have looked dejected because he followed up with "but i can bring you one in a paper cup."

i replied.. "no beer? but you can bring me one in a paper cup?"

"si" with a smile he replied.

and he did.

reason #2,786 why i love mexicans.

elmomonster said...

Eating Mexican with "The Mexican" himself! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos.

ChristianZ said...

El Serracho, What are the other 2,785 reasons why you love Mexicans?

Elmo, I wanted to do my own "Ask a Mexican" session but time didn't allow. It was a fun lunch though.

El Serracho! said...

hmmm that might take a while. how about i give you the #1 reason insted?


Anonymous said...

Nice write-up!

ChristianZ said...

Thanks, Gustavo. Couldn't have done it without you and Omar.