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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Taleo Double Take

In today's (this week's?) OC Weekly, opinionated (as well as knowledgable and humorous) reporter Gustavo Arellano retracts his previous scathing reviews of Taleo Mexican Grill. He goes into detail about how he described them before and then describes his recent conversion to the Taleo fold. It takes some serious fortitude to admit when you've been wrong, and for that Gustavo, the man who fields questions for every Mexican, gets some credit. Is Taleo perfect? No, no restaurant is, but anyone interested in the Mexican food scene in Orange County is going to be missing out by writing it off.

Our own review of Taleo is the longest review ever posted here at this blog. It took three visits to cover it and there are still items on the menu I want to try.

Taleo Mexican Grill Deluxe Review

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