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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Best of What?

Today's Orange County Register contains the big annual insert pointing out the "best of" in several categories relating to county life as voted on by its readership. In the "Best Mexican Food" entry on page 224 we find that Register readers know only about the most well-known chain type of restaurants: El Torito, Don Jose, Acapulco, El Ranchito, Super Mex, etc. I can go to any of these places and get a good meal so I'm not lambasting any one of them, but when you look at the aggregate of the results it seems highly unoriginal. I have heard that employees at the Register sometimes cringe when they see what people are voting on but that they still have to depict the vote results honestly. Maybe it's to be expected that the most well-known places get voted for the most but that method doesn't help to inform anyone. Who needs to have their attention called to the fact that there's a chain called El Torito? That's what this blog aims to do: help readers find hidden gems all over. In fact, the next review to be posted on this blog is going to be about the Register voters' hidden gem's hidden gem.


Chaz Lamrusco said...

I think that the Register's
Best of OC voting results are skewed
too. What they need to consider is
dividing the number of votes a restaurant chain gets by the number of
locations in OC. That would give places like Gabbi's a chance. They try to remedy this problem with the Honorable Mentions, but still.

I really got a chuckle one year when
Mimi's Cafe won the French Restaurant category! Don't get me wrong, I love Mimi's, but I don't consider it French Cuisine.

ChristianZ said...

Mimi's doesn't even claim to be French food. It claims to be New Orleans-style food, which is sort of loosely French but not outright French.