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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Roundup #6

In searching out the best Mexican food in Orange County sometimes I encounter things that may be of interest to readers of this blog that would not fit into one of the traditional restaurant review entries here so every once in a while I'll do a roundup entry such as this.

Restaurant Roundup:

Mexican restaurants I've visited since the last roundup that I already have reviews up for include Taco Rosa, Azteca's, Taco Factory, Javier's, and Taleo Mexican Grill. Each one of these may still get a review here again but sometimes I have to go to a place and just eat and not review.

Azteca's Takeout
Azteca's Takeout - Chicken Mole Enchiladas

Non-Mexican restaurants I've been to since the last roundup include, but are not limited to, Kabuki (yes, Kabuki . . . again), Lee's Sandwiches, Cento & Fanti, Ruby Palace, Lotus Chinese Eatery, Crescent City Beignets, Wasabi, Pei Wei Asian Diner, King's Hawaiian (da Local Place dis time), Club 33, and Lucca Cafe.

Updated entries:

I've updated the Salsa Extravaganza and Salad Wars entries.

Speedy Gonzalez:

Speedy Gonzales
I recently found out there is a place in Texas called Speedy Gonzalez Mexican Food. Does anybody know more about this? Do they use the actual Warner Bros. character in their brand identity? There's also a Taco Cart in NYC with Speedy on the sombrero. Speaking of Speedy Gonzales, there is also a site that imagines a Grudge Match between him and the Taco Bell chihuahua. Is there any doubt who would win?


Look who hangs out at my work:

Austin Powers Cardboard Cutout

Here's some chocolate bread pudding I made recently:

Bread Pudding

Eating a candy bar in the way George Costanza from Seinfeld does:

Milky Way Midnight

Shave ice from Nalu's Island Grill:

Nalu's Island Grill

The spread at a picnic I went on recently with a date at Huntington Beach Central Park:


People from Disney and DreamWorks send me stuff all the time and a lot of it collects on my desk at work:

Work Desk

Here's a Pirates of the Caribbean Ice Cream Sundae I got recently from the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store on Hollywood Blvd.:

Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store

Taco Rosa Desserts:

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Orange County is Taco Rosa and they have been reviewed several times here but I've had a hard time getting pictures from there whose quality I am satisfied with. Lately though I've been getting some good quality pictures from there over several visits and they will all show up in a later review. For now I have pictures of a couple of their dessert items:

Taco Rosa - Chocolate-covered Strawberries #1

Taco Rosa - Chocolate-covered Strawberries #2

Taco Rosa - Sopapillas

Taco Rosa - Chocolate-covered Strawberries #3


omar c said...

hmm, not mex-food related, but I've been meaning to check out Lotus Chinese - how was it?

We had a company breakfast at Lucca Cafe in Quail Hill one morning - ther service was great, friendly management, and very nice presentation, but the pancakes I had were nothing special really.

Chaz Lamrusco said...

Have you ever been to the Park Bench
Cafe in the Central Park? They serve
good food, and is a very cool place
if you have a dog. They have coupons
in the entertainment book (when you arent on a date).

ChristianZ said...

I thought Lotus was fine. My brother who got me to go there really likes it.

I think the last time I was at the Park Bench Cafe was in 1976. They had a machine there that was sort of like an arcade game but you could watch a Woody Woodpecker cartoon on it and I was fascinated by it. Of course, I might be getting the cafe mixed up with another place there at the park. Are there two places you can get food at?

ChristianZ said...

Update: from looking at SqueezeOC the other place to eat at at the park is Alice's Breakfast in the Park. From my fuzzy memory the Park Bench Cafe is the one I was at 30 years ago. I think it's time to go back. I've only been right by it about a million times.

Chaz Lamrusco said...

Here is the Park Bench Cafe website,
complete with people and dog menus.

elmomonster said...

dang, that was a photo dump! but an excellent one!

ChristianZ said...

Might add one more photo in if I can locate that picture of my food from Club 33.