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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Roundup #2

No, I haven't forgotten this blog. I just haven't been to a Mexican restaurant in an unusually long time (for me that's one week). I could've taken my Valentine's date to a Mexican restaurant last night but we went to a French/Italian one instead. I still have pictures coming for a couple existing entries and I'm about to give in and finally purchase a digital camera soon, which will, of course, help me to have photos available as soon as an entry goes up.

Also, in my Taco Bell review, I mentioned getting Zesty Nachos from the location at Bushard and Talbert in Fountain Valley for 79¢. Well, when I went to another Taco Bell on Saturday last week they didn't have the Zesty Nachos so I had to order Nachos Supreme and ask for it with no beans (which, of course, completely threw off the guy taking my order) and it was $1.29 as I had guessed previously. So, apparently the FV store is a test store. I say they should roll the Zesty Nachos out to every store.

On another note, I may build a proper site around this so that the blog portion will be only one aspect of an entire site. I need to figure out what approach to take to it first. And, if anyone wants to suggest a zingier name for the blog/site and/or develop a logo for it I say, "Go for it." Couldn't guarantee that I'd use whatever might be submitted but I'm entirely open to suggestions.

And, almost but not quite off topic, I was perusing other food blogs (dangerous when you're hungry) and came across this recipe and actually made it about a week later and it turned out good.

Lastly, I'm open to posting reviews from other people. There's so many Mexican restaurants in Orange County that it's hard for one person to cover them all. I'll still do everything I can though, but if you think you might want to help out just let me know. If you only have one review to submit then I might just post it under my ID here and give you credit but if you think you might do a bunch of reviews then I might get you the ability to post here under your own ID. I'll have to figure out how to approach it if and when the opportunity presents itself.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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