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Friday, April 27, 2007

Cinco de Mayo 2007

UPDATE: CLICK →HERE← for Cinco de Mayo 2009 Info

(The entry you are looking at now is OUTDATED! Click the link above to be taken to UPDATED info.)

I am going to do something different and take suggestions on where I should eat for Cinco de Mayo this year . . . and it could be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you know of a place that will have a special menu that day or perhaps special entertainment please leave a comment here.

(The entry you are looking at now is OUTDATED! Click the link at the top of this entry to be taken to UPDATED info. My site traffic tells me that in May 2009 Google is for some stupid reason [bad Google!] sending people to this 2007 entry. Well, I have an entry for this year but apparently nobody is clicking through to it so I am trying to figure out how to make the link to the UPDATED info more obvious.)

I will list here any Cinco de Mayo specials that I know of:
  • Avila's El Ranchito in Lake Forest
  • Kantina - Food, music, and cocktails beginning at 11am
  • Taleo - "We're celebrating Cinco de Mayo all weekend! Margarita specials, Complimentary Bar appetizers, Sunday Brunch, and Chef Jose's wonderful Tamale Dulces! See your server for details. Hope to see you see soon, Nic."

(The entry you are looking at now is OUTDATED! Click the link at the top of this entry to be taken to UPDATED info.)


Anonymous said...


I enjoy your site! We come out from Minnesota once a year to visit family and I'll be jotting down lots of notes from your site!

I saw that you mentioned entertainment in this post and was wondering if you or your regular readers have ever commented on the Mexican bars/restaurants with the best live traditional Mexican music.

Thanks for all of the great info! Love the site.


ChristianZ said...

Good question. We have two reviews of Moreno's in Orange, which is supposed to have live music, but neither review was by me and I don't think either one mentioned the music. I know of some other places in Anaheim and in Garden Grove that are supposed to have live music and I'm looking forward to getting to visit them.

elmomonster said...

My vote for your Cinco De Mayo Feast is to do 5 different taco trucks in Santa Ana. Cinco tacos por Cinco de Mayo!

ChristianZ said...

A friend of mine keeps saying we should do a taco run where we hit up about five different places for one taco each so maybe this'll be the day to do that.

Just found out that I have to leave for Los Angeles in the morning so I might only be in Orange County for dinnertime. Guess I can celebrate Cinco de Mayo in both counties this year.

neo said...

Happy Cinco De Mayo 2008 !!