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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Del Taco Orange Shake

This has little to do with Mexican food but I've noticed people searching recently for information on Del Taco's Orange & Cream shake. I thought it was a random spike of Del Taco fanatics waxing nostalgic for the days when this item was offered but I just barely found out that Del Taco has brought it back. Going to have to get me one soon.

Del Taco Orange & Cream Shake Official Page

Del Taco Orange Shake

It always makes my day when a Mexican fast food chain brings back a favorite drink of mine. I'm still waiting for a couple other chains to bring back drinks I used to order often.

Del Taco is also promoting their new Savory Shredded Beef items (burritos, tacos del carbon, breakfast burritos) and offering coupons on their front page.


Fast Food Maven said...

Cool site. I just stumbled upon it on a Google search. I, too, got a tip from the Del Taco folks last week that the Orange & Cream shake was making a comeback. I'm not a big fan of this taste combo, but my hubby is. So I went to my local Del Taco, and got one last Monday.
He gave it a big thumps up, as did my daughter. Also, tried the two new shredded beef options. For my take on that, please go to

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Fast Food Maven - Nancy

ChristianZ said...

Thanks for the comment. I see your blog also mentions El Pollo Loco bringing back their black beans as well as the fact that their chicken tortilla soup is actually really good. I'm already linked up with brekkie_fan as MySpace friends so I think I saw your pic on her page before.