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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mexican Stands at OC Fair

Here's the Mexican food stands you'll see if you make it to the Orange County Fair before their last day on August 5:

Orange County Fair -

Orange County Fair -

Orange County Fair -

Orange County Fair -

Remember the 1980's when everyone had a Hussong's t-shirt?

Orange County Fair -
Churro Cart

Orange County Fair -
I don't know what this stand (above) was called but it served fish tacos.

Orange County Fair -
Baja Blues

This is likely to be the same setup next year as well. I didn't see where they were serving the Twinkie Relleno but a stand near Noel's Mexican Food was serving Deep-fried Coke. Yes, you read that right: Deep-fried Coke.

UPDATE: Here's a stand I saw when I went to the fair in July 2008:

Pepe's Marisco's

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to Deep Fried Coke.
It was invented at the Texas State Fair. (as was the Corn Dog in 1942)

I wonder if they are going to come up with Deep Fried DIET Coke for us calorie conscious?