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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Legend of Gringo Bandito

Smokin' hot off the presses, like fresh smoke drifting off the barrels of Gringo Bandito's two just-fired revolvers, comes the first announcement to the public of the availability of new Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce, formulated by the legendary Gringo Bandito himself, better known as Dexter Holland, the singer for punk group The Offspring and founder of Nitro Records. Dexter, a longtime Orange County resident, set out a couple years ago to concoct the quintessential hot sauce and has finally arrived at the perfect combination with a mixture of habañero peppers, jalapeño peppers, red japanese chili peppers, and a secret blend of eleven herbs and spices. Or maybe seven herbs and spices. Who's counting?

Having not had any homemade Mexican food around since receiving my sample jars I have only been able to try it on some KFC food and have to admit it was very friendly to my taste buds.

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is only available online at the moment but while you're ordering be sure to pick up some Gringo Bandito t-shirts, stickers, buttons, and frisbees. The site also has plenty of recipes (someone sure knew how to use style sheets to make the recipes very printer-friendly), photos, testimonials, and more. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up seeing a jar of Gringo Bandito on a table in a Mexican restaurant someday.

UPDATE: Have just been told by my cousin who works at Nitro that Gringo Bandito can already be found on tables at the following Orange County restaurants:

  • Fiesta Grill (HB)
  • Cancun (HB)
  • Normita's Surf City Tacos (HB)
  • Las Barcas (HB)
  • TK Burger (CM, NB, HB)
  • Chronic Cantina (CM)
  • Pancho's (Orange)
  • Azteca's (FV)
  • Molcajete Grill (FV)
* Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce Official Site *


Chubbypanda said...

I'm not quite sure how to feel about this. I like the Offspring and I like hot sauce. But, the two of them together? This is either going to go really well or incredibly poorly.

- Chubbypanda

elmomonster said...

Hey Gustavo reviewed this in today's OC Weekly. He likes it! He really likes it!

ChristianZ said...

Maybe Gustavo didn't believe my report that it was good until he tried it himself.

Anonymous said...

i think it tastes awesome! best hot sause i have tasted yet.