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Monday, September 03, 2007

Taco Rosa Monthly Specials

Taco Rosa - Specials Board

Went two days ago with some family members to Taco Rosa in Newport Beach (on somebody else's suggestion) and found out they had just started a new monthly specials program where the same special items are available throughout each calendar month. The special items for September 2007 are duck tacos, vegetarian chile rellenos, and a flan trio platter with chocolate, strawberry, and coconut flans.

Taco Rosa - Flancitos

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Fast Food Maven said...

FYI: Taco Rosa is also starting a Sunday Brunch....I am a huge fan of the Taco Mesa eateries, and love the shrimp and salmon tacos.

Nancy aka Fast Food Maven

ChristianZ said...

Yeah, I heard that at the Irvine location the Sunday Brunch will be full sit-down service as opposed to the buffet at Newport Beach. I glanced at the menu for the Irvine Sunday Brunch and there was some stuff that looked very intriguing.