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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yesterday's Register

If you picked your Register up off of your porch yesterday and noticed it was even heavier than the normal Friday paper that's because it had the huge 14th Annual Best of Orange County People's choice oversized magazine in it. If you read the Register online yesterday, well, it probably didn't feel any heavier. If you didn't read any version of the Register yesterday then it might be time to get more in touch with your community. On page 23 they mention the three most popular Mexican restaurants based on the votes of people who put forth the effort to vote. Read the article to find the three winners as well as a hidden gem that gets honorable mention. Another one of our faves here at the blog gets mentioned as the second best new restaurant of the year. The print version has all sorts of coupons in it that could come in handy.


Johnny Automatic said...

nice review Shelly. This is by far our favorite "old school" Mexican place in the area. When we heard they "remodeled" we checked it out and were relieved that they didn't change the main room. I agree the contrast of the two rooms is nice.

alosha said...

I like javier's, I'll give you that... however, I'm not sure I can trust anything from a best of issue that has todai as best sushi (WTF???), pizza hut as second best pizza (EW), subway as best deli/sandwiches and olive garden as best italian (really? are you serious?). the entire list is pretty sad, sorry.

give me the ocweekly best of issue. at least you get some variety in there from people who don't go to chain restaurants every day. jeez.

love your blog by the way!

ChristianZ said...

Thanks for the compliment. I think most people are voting based on limited knowledge of what's out there. Read my comment at this entry for more information:

alosha said...

thanks for the link christian, I hadn't seen your comment on that one. I guess we're on the same page then.

(however, I disagree with "nothing against el torito" hehehe).

ChristianZ said...

Feel free to detail your complaints against them. I know they are a big chain and that fact alone turns some people off but all the food I've ever had from them has been at least servicable and sometimes quite good. Since I know so many different Mexican places I know what's good and bad about each one. I'm an equal opportunity Mexican food eater so that means I go to chain restaurants, fast food ones, fast casual ones, hole-in-the-wall ones, upscale ones, etc. Southern Californians think that being a hole-in-the-wall makes a Mexican restaurant authentic but they are basing it on their limited experience in Tijuana. Go into Mexico City and you will find a wider variety. I even know of one place in Tijuana that's a good bit fancier than anything in OC.