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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today's Register

Today's Orange County Register has a couple of items of interest to readers of the blog here. First up is an article on pan dulce (Spanish for "sweet bread") that is gaining a higher profile here in the county. The article mentions OC Mex Food favorites such as Taleo, Moreno's, and Taco Rosa.

Also, the Register's fast food blogger, Nancy Luna, discusses Qdoba, the gourmet fast casual Mexican chain found in Los Angeles and elsewhere but not yet in Orange County, and two days ago discussed El Pollo Loco moving their corporate offices from one OC spot to another.


Anonymous said...

Did you get The Best of Orange County section?
I really disagree with their voting process. They need to divide the # votes by the # of locations! Here are the results for Best Mexican Restaurants:

1. El Torito
2. Don Jose'
3. Javier's Cantina & Grill

Hidden Gem: Los Sanchez in Fullerton and Garden Grove


ChristianZ said...

I figured that'd be coming soon but I walked right past the paper on the porch on my way to work this morning figuring I'd look at it later. It's just like last year: I wouldn't tell people not to go to any of these places but I'm not sure the voters are operating from a sufficient base of knowledge. Next year I'll actually vote and make sure a lot of the readers here do too. Seems like when I tried to vote online that it required me to vote in a minimum number of categories, many of which I knew I didn't have enough knowledge in to qualify me to vote. Maybe that's the problem here: A lot of people don't know what to pick for Best OC Mexican Restaurant so they just fill in "El Torito." Again, nothing against El Torito.