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Monday, August 28, 2006

Coming Events #2

Just wanted to point out two events that are coming up soon that promise to have at least some Mexican food. First up, from September 1st through 3rd, is the Orange International Street Fair which has been held "every Labor Day weekend for the past three decades." I went once and it was crowded crowded crowded and if that's your thing go and check it out and sample all sorts of international foods. One street will be dedicated to all things Mexican including food items such as, "Burritos (Asada, Carnitas, Chicken), Taquitos, Chimichangas, Mexican Corn, Tostados, Ceviches, Mexican Fruit Drinks, Water, Soda, [and] Lemonade." If you've forgotten what American food is you can get some of that at the fair too.

Second up, from September 15th through 17th, is Southern California's premier food festival, Taste of Newport. Chefs from over 30 restaurants are going to be there giving live cooking demonstrations and giving away free samples (if you've paid your admission in to the event, of course). Mexican restaurants sending chefs to this event include La Salsa and El Tarasco.


Chaz Lamrusco said...

Here are my recommendations for the street fair, based on previous
fairs. I will arrange them by direction from "The Plaza" circle.


German Street - I'm Sure Lutheran High of Orange will have their
brat booth again. I prefer mine without Sauerkraut.

Danish Street - I'm worried that the charity doing this has changed.
It used to be the Danish Lutheran Church, although the website
says it is a National Parks group? Anyways, if they have them -
Abelskivers are a real treat. Kind of a mega sized donut hole with
powdered sugar and jam on top. Awesome!


Greek Street - You can't go wrong here. Everything is superb.
I always get some Chicken Souvlaki (skewers). They have beef too. Also have Gyros. The ladies from St. John's Greek Orthodox
church make awesome pastries! Baklava is a staple, but I recommend
trying other things. Try the Kataifi, which looks like shredded wheat. There is a filo custard that oozes honey that I think is called


The Japanese Language School has great California Rolls in kindof
a cone shape. Always good!


Always seems to be the most crowded street. The Rotary Club has
a crowd favorite - the roasted corn on the cob. Their "Rotary Engine" that makes it is amazing. El Modena High School has a booth for Mexican food. My memory is a bit unclear, but I think their tacos are very good!

Like I said earlier, Saturday or Sunday early in the afternoons is the best time to go for families. Friday and Saturday nights are like a mosh pit with 100,000 people in it.

ChristianZ said...

You sure know your way around the Street Fair. Abelskivers are good. I've got a recipe on my personal site:


Chaz Lamrusco said...

Just want to give a short review of the street fair food that we ate, without duplicating my recommendations above.
The Danish Lutheran Church was there with their Abelskivers for their 30th year.

Many vendors of teriyaki chicken down on Japanese street. The Casa Teresa booth had something called teriyaki chicken, but I swear it was tandoori chicken. It was brighly colored red, but it was good anyways. I think I would buy teriyaki from the language school next time.

I forgot to mention the AWESOME lemonade that the Izaac Walton League makes. They make sugar free
for those who need it. First booth on the west side of the circle.

It got very hot at 1PM and we had
to leave before going to American /
Mexican street.

ChristianZ said...

I'm so hot and thirsty now I could certainly use some of that lemondae.