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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Los Sanchez Re-opens

Have just been informed that long time Garden Grove Mexican restaurant Los Sanchez has re-opened today. Its new location is on Garden Grove Blvd. (south side of the street) just west of Harbor Blvd. between the little streets of West and Rockinghorse. Expect a formal review of their new location soon.

Los Sanchez Re-opens

UPDATE (August 21, 2006): It looks like they have also just opened a new official website for the first time . . . or maybe it's been there for a while and I just wasn't aware of it but I think it's new.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the up to date info. I've gone out of my way for many, many years to eat at Los Sanchez. When I drove by about a month ago I couldn't believe it was gone. Thanks to your site, I found it again. Can't wait to try out the new place.

ChristianZ said...

That's the best thanks I can get here, to find out that the information I provide is helpful to others.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up!!

Been eating there for almost 20 years. I was deeply sadden to hear that they had closed! but now with Great joy I am heading back!!

Great Food and Great People!!

mdfig said...

these guys rock!! mmmm. yummy. i love los sanchez. and now, thanks to your site, i know they have reopened in their new location. now i can go to disneyland and continue my tradition of going to los sanchez afterwards.

ChristianZ said...

Yes, now all you have to do is go south on Disneyland Drive, which turns into West. Speaking of Disneyland, I've done a review of the Mexican restaurant in California Adventure and I'm working on a review of the one at Downtown Disney. Eventually I'll get to the one inside Disneyland proper.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update on Los Sanchez. I grew up in Anaheim and have eaten for years at Los Sanchez. I now live in Michigan. I flew into LAX last week for a quick visit with family. I headed directly from LAX to Los Sanchez. I couldn't believe it wasn't there. I cruised up and down Harbor Blvd. a few times figuring either my eyes or my mind was playing tricks on me. I was ready to drive back to LAX and fly home. I hope the new location doesn't affect the "atmosphere". It was the best and friendliest! I will be back in October. Guess where my first stop will be? I again will be eating the best Mexican food avilable.

d said...

Thanks for the update. We are heading there in 2wks and that is always a stop. Would have been very disappointed not to find them so thanks for the info.
This is a great place to eat.

Anonymous said...

Been eating at Los Sanchez for years. It is the highlight of the NAMM Show! Victor rocks!

Gary - Eminence Speaker

Anonymous said...

My family travels to Anaheim every year to visit family and we include a meal at Los Sanchez. We love it. Can't find anything like this in Chicago, really. Last January we were at their old location, and now we are leaving tomorrow for Anaheim and will be at their new location dining there probably next Tuesday night!

Kidoe said...

I am so happy to here your open again i come all the way from Utah and love to stop in for you delicious burritos. Last year my trip was not complete because I was unable to fulfill my cravings.
My Sitter Rita Sanchez introduced us to your restaurant several years ago and i've made it a point to stop in every time I'm in California. Cant wait to order one of every thing on Thursday 9-6-07 see you soon.
Your Fan in Salt Lake City Utah