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Friday, October 19, 2007

Gabbi's Quick Stop #4

Stopped by Gabbi's (Zagat-rated for 2008 as the best Mexican restaurant in the Greater LA area) today for lunch. I like how when I go every month or so there's usually a new item or two to try. Today they had at least four new items. Ordered the shrimp and crab chile relleno, (a special item for today) then found out they were sold out due to its popularity. So on co-owner Ed Patrick's suggestion I tried the Enchiladas de Langostino and Cangrejo (lobster and crab crepes in pipían sauce), a new item that recently appeared on their regular menu. This was one of the few Mexican seafood enchiladas where all the component tastes actually worked well together and there was plenty of the pepita sauce for me to scoop up with my corn chips.

Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen - Enchiladas de Langostino and Cangrejo

For dessert I finally got to try their tres leches, the Mexican dessert comprised of a sponge cake soaked in three different kinds of milk and served in a cream sauce and chocolate sauce with a chilled strawberry on top. And I was told that an apple cobbler would be premiering tonight as a new dessert item.

Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen - Tres Leches

And there's still no sign out in front of Gabbi's kitchen . . .

Click HERE or on the "gabbi's" label below to read our extensive coverage and to view plenty of photos of their food (including photos that are much better quality than the ones in this entry) and their still signless exterior:


joy said...

I know what you mean about seafood enchiladas not always working - but that sounds (and looks) delicious! Mmm... So funny about how they still don't have a sign. But I guess they don't need one!

ChristianZ said...

Mexican seafood used to sound so intriguing to me but then I came to learn that it's hard to get it right. Then recently I made a distinction between seafood that's wrapped up in something and seafood that's not. It started to seem that it was okay if not wrapped in a tortilla or some other such thing but this was the first thing I tried where I encountered a notable exception to the rule. If that all makes sense.

Chubbypanda said...

Yay! Gabbi's! Still haven't managed to make it out there. =b

ChristianZ said...

There's still time.

melissa said...

I love seafood in mexican food, almost always without fail. it's my favorite thing to eat, after sushi.

I *really* enjoyed the crab enchiladas at javier's. I've only been once (I just don't brave the spectrum often for dining) but I want to take my husband once for sure.

gabbi's is also on my list - and I wouldn't have known about it if not for you oc foodies.

ChristianZ said...

Hmm, maybe I'll go try the crab enchiladas at Javier's now.