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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

La Chiquita - Review #1

Date of Visit: September 22, 2007
La Chiquita
906 E Washington Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 543-8787

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La Chiquita - Signage

I tried out La Chiquita recently on the recommendation of my dentist who said he's been going there for years. Nestled in a residential area off of the main drag in Santa Ana, and giving new meaning to the term "quaint and charming," you'll need to keep your eyes open when looking for it the first time so that you don't confuse it with a house.

La Chiquita - Exterior

My dentist had mentioned that they have a big burrito on their menu called the "Buehler burrito." I thought I might try it until I got there and saw that it is a 5 lb. burrito for $14.50. Maybe I'll try it when I go back with a group. If any readers try it please leave a comment here relating your experience.

At La Chiquita instead of getting chips and salsa you can order chips and cheese (there may be a charge, my bill was not itemized so I couldn't tell if I was charged for these or not) which are essentially nachos that come with a squeeze bottle of salsa to apply to your liking.

La Chiquita - Chips and Cheese

In addition to their regular menu I think they had at least three boards in different spots around the restaurant mentioning various specials. From the first one I saw I ordered the beef and potato taquitos special. Someone asked recently if I knew of a place that had potato tacos but so far I have only encountered potato taquitos. If the thought of potato taquitos sounds odd to you my only suggestion is to give them a try first before writing them off. When paired with the beef, as in these taquitos, it makes a nice textural counterpoint to the crispy taquito shell

La Chiquita - Beef and Potato Taquitos

For dessert I tried their flan which is sliced like a slice of pie off of a larger flan. Firm and silky, but not too silky, La Chiquita's flan seems like the perfect introduction to this Mexican dessert for someone who hasn't tried it before.

La Chiquita - Flan

They also had some La Chiquita t-shirts for sale but they didn't have any in my size on hand while I was there. Maybe next time . . .

La Chiquita earns a four Speedy Gonzales rating:

Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales

Here's some additional interior shots:

La Chiquita - Interior Shot #1

La Chiquita - Interior Shot #2

La Chiquita - Interior Shot #3


Simon said...

i know it's been a while since you've posted this report on La Chiquita, but i thought i might tell you a bit about the Buehler 5 Lb. Burrito. It is incredibly huge and incredibly delicious. My family and I usually get it for parties and gatherings (it's for you and your 20 closest amigos). It is stuffed full of every meat they serve, and rice as well. When we get it to go, it comes in a tray that could hold a large turkey, and rises up over the top (about 18"x12"x5"). I would strongly recommend it with cheese and sauce. go for it!

ChristianZ said...

In all honesty I wish more people would leave comments on reviews, no matter how old the review is. The information you gave is still up-to-date and will be helpful to future readers. Thanks!

When I go to a restaurant I can generally only try one dish so I'm always hoping other people will leave comments on things they have tried and their impressions of the restaurants but I don't get as many comments here as my amount of traffic would suggest.

Griffin said...

I was going to try the 5 lb burrito last night, but they were out of Carnitas. I asked if they could put Chorizo in the burrito in place of the carnitas, but they said that would cost me $4 extra. I ended up ordering something else.

phil said...

I've been eating at La Chiquita for more than 20 years and it is still my favorite go-to place for Mexican food. Try the cheese crisp as a starter or the chips and cheese plate (you do pay for them).
I can't get away from the taco/chili relleno combo plate. I always asked for beans & rice instead of just beans as noted on the menu.
Not long ago I bought two Buehler burritos for a poker party I was hosting. While they were large and supplied plenty to eat, both burritos weighed in under four pounds.