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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OC Fires

If you live in Orange County and are not breathing in smoke and ash right now from the various fires then you must at least be able to see flames and/or smoke. And if you can't see it then you must've at least heard about the fires. And if you live in Orange County and you haven't heard about the fires then you are either in a coma or blissfully out-of-touch. The point is that the situation is serious enough to affect lives, property, businesses and more.

Over at the, Nancy Luna, the Fast Food Maven, is keeping track of affected businesses as well as pointing out businesses who are doing a good deed and helping firefighters and victims with donations of food and other resources. At least four Mexican restaurants we have covered here are mentioned, including a little gem out in Trabuco Canyon. I was glad to hear they are safe, even though they are definitely near the danger zone.

If you were planning on eating out tonight and you find out the restaurant you were planning on going to is in a safe zone then bring your business in because some businesses may not be having customers show up because of the mistaken idea that the restaurant is in a danger zone. Even more importantly, do stay away from the actual danger zones. Keep safe!

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