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Monday, January 30, 2006

The 61 Best

Before I started this blog I searched around and surfed around the 'net to see if a site like this already existed. I found that there were a few others that were similar but they tended to be simply lists of Mexican restaurants in the county (lists that I could always tell were incomplete) or a review of a small handful of Mexican restaurants in the county without any apparent goal to cover any more of them. There are links to some of these sites over in the right-hand column of this blog. My blog that you're reading right now is still in a fledgling state but will attempt to be much more comprehensive and maybe even 100% comprehensive for its subject matter but in the meantime I'll point out an article that was pointed out to me a couple days ago. The OC Weekly recently published an article on Orange County's 61 best Latino restaurantes. Don't ask me how they came up with the number 61. Maybe they know there's only 61 worth going to. But it's still a good resource in the meantime. I've read through a lot of it and I seemed to agree with its assessment of the ones I've been to already and had my curiosity piqued about some of the others I haven't visited yet.
I wondered if their usage of 'Latino' in this instance is a nod to political correctness but then realized that they are simply using it as a term that is a little broader than 'Mexican,' a term that could also include restaurants that focused on food from any Latin American region.

UPDATE: Gustavo Arellano, the author of the "61 Best" article has just e-mailed me:

The 61 is a completely random number—I could’ve gone on, but didn’t. As for "political correctness"...I take it you don’t read the Weekly much?

Yeah, the whole "political correctness" thing was a thought that came and went very quickly. And I like the number 61. Who says that the number of items in a list has to be a multiple of 5?

NEW UPDATE: I've removed the link as it doesn't seem to be working anymore. If anybody can point me to a properly working link please do so.

LATEST UPDATE: Gustavo has sent me a permanent link.

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