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Friday, January 27, 2006

Roundup #1

I've been to a few Mexican places recently that were rather impromptu visits and I didn't go for the purpose of reviewing them. They are Del Taco, Las Fajitas, and Taco Rosa.
Las Fajitas Grill in Irvine turned out to be a little bit better than it was on my previous two visits (2002 and 2003) so I may be a little quicker now about getting back there and doing an actual review sometime.
Will have a review of Taco Factory in Irvine up in about two or three days and then will be hitting the trail to do some more exploring. Some of the ones I'm hoping to hit soon include Las Barcas in Huntington Beach, Playas de Sinaloa in Santa Ana, and Blue Agave in Yorba Linda.
And, yes, I've been doing a lot of good home cooking and going to non-Mexican restaurants as well. I just don't write about them here.

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