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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Taco Rosa - Review #4

IMPORTANT NOTE: "Taco Rosa - Review #4" is an outdated entry. If that is the entry you are on you will want to CLICK HERE to read all our extensive coverage of Taco Rosa, especially since it includes dozens of photos that are much better quality than the ones found here.

Date of Visit: March 29, 2006

Taco Rosa
2632 San Miguel Road
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 720-0980

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Came tonight to meet up with some friends. Deanna was the first in the party to show up and told the co-owner, Marco Calderon, that she had two amigas bonitas coming. Well, the next two people in the party that showed up were me and then Darren and we didn't fit the description of amigas bonitas so Deanna made extra sure to point out Tricia and Jenn to Marco when they finally arrived.

Deanna ordered a bowl of the lobster bisque, Taco Rosa's house soup. When she tried it she said it was too salty and told the waiter it wasn't quite to her liking and he immediately asked if she would like the soup of the day in its place. She agreed to that and liked the replacement soup, the caldo tlalpeño (made with chicken, rice, avocado, and garbanzo beans), much better. Jenn ordered the zucchini quesadilla, Tricia ordered one of the enchilada platters (can't remember exactly what kind), Darren ordered a blackened chicken taco, and I ordered the blackened chicken torta.

For dessert we got the churros and the sopapillas. Everyone dug in, dipping away into the cup of sauce from the chocolate fountain as well as the cup of agave nectar.

Near the end of the meal I got up to take a picture of our group and my favorite waitress went walking by and volunteered to take the picture for me, so I got in the picture too. Then she told how, back in late December/early January, one of the managers printed up my first review of Taco Rosa and had all the employees there read it (now I feel very self-conscious). Apparently they were all asked, "Who was it that worked the day after Christmas and forgot to give this customer his appetizer?" I hope I didn't get anybody in trouble because my point in that review was that they did a good job of handling the oversight. I finally asked this waitress what her name is and I believe she said her name is "Jo."

The pictures didn't turn out quite the way I would have liked them to but they still give some idea of the place and they give me an excuse to go back and take better pictures later.

Taco Rosa Appetizer Tray
Appetizer tray

Taco Rosa Soup
caldo tlalpeño

Taco RosaExterior

Taco Rosa Blackened chicken torta
Blackened chicken torta

Taco Rosa Blackened chicken taco
Blackened chicken taco

Taco Rosa - Zucchini Quesadilla
flor de calabaza

Taco Rosa Sopapillas

Group Shot
Blurry group shot

Tricia and Jenn
Working out the bill

Everyone in the party enjoyed the meal and the service was excellent and personalized. Nothing about this Taco Rosa visit lowers the five Speedy Gonzales rating they received in prior reviews here:

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Joy said...

I'm surprised the photos turned out as well as they did -- it's fairly dark in there.

Your review just reminds me of how many delicious-sounding dishes I have yet to try at Taco Rosa. That soup looks great, and suddenly I have a hankering for blackened chicken taco. Yum. I have a long list of other restaurants I want to try, but somehow I'm going to have to put this restaurant on a heavier rotation.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joy, Taco Rosa defiantly needs to be put on heavier rotation.

ChristianZ said...